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Design, implementation and production of auto parts since 2010

Software Engineering

This means using engineering principles to produce deliver software products in accordance with international standards in order to increase efficiency.

Enterprise Portal

An Enterprise Portal is a framework for integrating information, people, and processes across organizational boundaries by a single entry point, often in the form of a web-based UI.


A website or website is a collection of webpages containing the content of a multimedia file that shares an internet domain or subdomain and is published by at least one web server.

Our Company Services

Provide software engineering solutions, design and production depending on your needs

Some of the important goals of Tadbari Shams Company in the form of JV Pars Group are providing software engineering services and designing and producing all organizational, industrial and private software and localization of foreign software with the highest standards, in accordance with modern day technologies in short. The most possible time and with the most appropriate price in line with the leap of production and promotion of national productivity and finally the increasing independence and prosperity of our dear homeland

  • Database implementation
  • Providing online systems and services
  • Website design and corporate portals
  • Sales of products and software products
  • Design and production of content management systems
  • Design and production of customer management systems
  • Design and production of customer order software
  • Software localization based on the needs of organizations
  • Consulting and managing IT projects
  • Implement comprehensive web-based software solutions
  • Intelligence and application of knowledge management systems
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Implementation of academic and research systems and software
  • Localization of design and optimization of industrial and organizational software products
Tadbirshams Company

most important goals of Jvpars group

Our distinguishing feature is the movement in the field of production and production to achieve the goal of a resistance economy by performing accurate services in accordance with international standards and the most appropriate price in terms of timing. , Industrial and private. Ghobarkhi is one of the most advanced and successful public and private organizations in our services. Satisfaction of all employees and parties is our main goal and in this regard, we follow the principles of software engineering and world standards as a policy.

Optimize And Increase Page Rank
Localization Of Industrial And Organizational Softwares
Provide Software Engineering Consulting Solutions
Provide User Friendly Softwares According To Client Requirements
Provide Continuous Software Support And Development


Today's ever-increasing technology and ever-increasing use of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other devices with a variety of platforms, such as Android, iOs, Windows Mobile, Windows, Mac, Linux

Web designing affects web applications and applications, and makes them a necessity to run independently of the operating system or hardware used. The GV Pars Software Group utilizes the technology of the day to develop and engineer all websites, web applications, apps, and Portal, CMS and control panel ... Responsive independent of the platform and hardware.

Interaction with the employer

Needs assessment steps until project implementation



Project Price

Deploy Project
Employer Interaction

Customer Satisfaction Solutions

User Friendly

User-centric design is one of the key factors in increasing work efficiency and improving performance speed

Long Life

Effective use of modern technologies increases the productivity, efficiency and useful life of the software

Full Support

Utilizing experienced professionals paves the way for providing continuous, continuous and effective support services to the employer

تماس با ما

Responsive Design

Today, the variety of hardware on the market has made the need for responsive design obvious

Creative Design

Presenting innovative and creative designs is one of the secrets of satisfying dear customers and employers.

Up To Date

Effective use of new programming technologies guarantees the optimal and stable performance of production software